Q. Do I need to own land somewhere to build on?
 A. No you do not. Owning your own land will generally make the process faster but it is not necessary. Our trained staff will be happy to help you find land that is right for you.

Q. How long will it take to build my house?
 A. From the time the foundation is poured you will be in your new home typically within 5 months. Although weather or other uncontrolables may effect this time frame.

Q. Do I need to have plans already drawn up before we meet?
 A. No you do not. If you have your own plans we can use them, but if you do not have plans yet we have hundreds of plans for you to choose from. We can work from your plans or someone else's plan's customizing them to your needs.

Q. What can I pick out for my new home?
 A. With the help of our trained staff you will be picking out everything. Your home will be customized to your preferences. We start by helping you pick the location and the plans. From there you will be picking out siding and shingle colors, trim and cabinet style and color, light fixtures etc. Each step of the way we will be there to help you.

Still have questions? Please contact Lakeside Builders at 906-774-5616 with any other questions you may have.